"Looking at the advances in technology, trade and communications that were shortening distances and laying the foundations for what he liked to call planetiiation, rather than globalization, Teilhard de Chardin was already saying, in the 1930s, that we were witnessing the emergence of a new era for the Earth and for humanity.
What was about to appear, de Chardin told us, was the noosphere, after the emergence in the evolutionary process of the anthroposphere, the biosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere and the lithosphere. Now comes the new sphere, the sphere of synchronized minds and hearts: the noosphere. As we know, the Greek word noos refers to the union of the spirit, the intellect and the heart.
Where are we headed? I venture to believe and hope that we are all headed towards the slow but unstoppable emergence of the noosphere. Human beings and peoples will discover and accept each other as brothers and sisters, as a family and as a single species capable of love, solidarity, compassion, non-violence, justice, fraternity, peace and spirituality”. -Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann, President of the 63rd period of sessions of the General Assembly of the UN.

Who were the Mayans? What did their prophecies say? What will happen in 2012? How did they measure time? What is the New Law of Time? What is the Dreamspell? Who was Pacal Votan? What is a Kin?

These are but some of the questions that people pose when they are first told about the 13:20 frequency. It is only natural that the questions will keep on coming as one begins a journey of transition from the old paradigm of time is money towards the new paradigm of time is art.

This transition is not linear. As most of those of us working with this knowledge for some time know, the Mayans viewed reality as radial, instead of linear. Beginning to walk the path of the Mayan Galactic implies opening one's mind to many topics, for even though time is the paramount piece for the 13 Moon Movement, it certainly goes beyond that topic alone. It involves becoming conscious in topics such as ecology, permaculture, art, healing, psychology, history, biology, to mention some.

The first person to put on the spotlight the now world-wide known date of December 21st 2012 was Dr. José Argüelles. An artist and visionary, in his many books and writings he has shared with the world the unfolding of a new story, one with great impact for humanity, one that forces oneself to begin questioning our reality and lifestyle, like Morpheus awakening Neo in the Matrix, he has offered us the Red Pill to enter the rabbit hole.

This new story is the story of the Precipitation of the Noosphere.

Many authors are speaking of this inevitable and necessary event, the next step in our evolution as humankind. They may be using other names, but they are all referring to the same conclusion: We are All One. I am you and you are me. In Lak' Ech. Namaste.

The first step towards consciousness begins by living here and now. That unlocks the magic to synchronicity. Jung spoke of this: everything falls into place if we live according to our nature. And the first thing we need to do is to be conscious of the natural rhythms of the Earth, to be conscious of the natural time, and to leave behind the technological, false mechanic time.

One of the tools available to enter in synchrony is the Dreamspell, a new dispensation of time based on the classic Mayan time measurements, the Ha'ab or civil year (365 days) and the Tzolkin or sacred year (260 days). The Dreamspell, originally developed by José and Lloydine Argüelles, consists of two aspects. First is the cosmologic, interstellar and interplanetary history of the Earth. The second aspect is that it provides the codes for social reorganization, the new dispensation towards the Noosphere.

The whole body of knowledge developed by Argüelles and many other members of the Foundation of the Law of Time and Planetary Art Network Nodes worldwide is varied and rich. Yet, the written works are hard to understand first-handedly by the average person that may have little knowledge on history, psychology, or other fields of study necessary to the holistic vision proposed by this new paradigm of Time is Art. Moreover, the concept of Noosphere is so vast that one person or discipline alone cannot encompass or understand the complete field that it needs to develop.

As a communicator of the Dreamspell for the past couple of years, I have noticed the intense interest of average people in my state (Querétaro, Mexico) on the topic of the Mayans, the Dreamspell, the 13 Moon Calendar, and the Noosphere. Sadly, most people have a hard time understanding the concept easily, and then get discouraged by their slow advancement. It is to be expected, for we are not used to think outside the box, let alone contemplate the possibility of other paradigms or forms of thought. Taking a Dreamspell workshop implies renewing most trains of thoughts the average person has, and it can be presented with conscious or unconscious resistance of the student.

Since 2008, I have taught the Dreamspell workshop to five different groups of people, each group with between 8 and 20 students at a time, ranging from ages of 20 to 70, from the cities of San Juan del Río, Tequisquiapan and Querétaro. I have organized two Day Out of Time Festivals in San Juan del Río, and a Noosphere Congress. Time and time again, my experience is showing me that people are ready for change, they are willing to compromise, but they need facts and activities to be simplified, in order to make a plausible transition, at a personal rhythm, from the technological reality we are all immerse within to a more natural lifestyle.

Although the incredible body of work provided by Dr. Argüelles throughout his life has set a pace for many other movements to bloom and connect with a common goal, it remains to be more accessible for those who don't have the education or preparation to understand his message fully. I have been working the past couple of years studying his papers, books, etc., and materials by other authors that help understand better the message, and I feel that I still have a long way to go. The people who are taking the workshops with me ask me how it can be that I say I am so unexperienced if I know already so much (in their eyes, I do). I tell them that the more we study the Lay of Time, the more we all discover, and the more there is to know. We are eternal apprentices on these subjects, we are re-discovering reality, we are re-evolutioning, we are dogs finally seeing in technicolor (yes, pun intended).

Many Kin (members of the PAN nodes and the FLT) do have such a preparation and intelligence, that they grasp easily on all the concepts laid by Argüelles, and have continued to develop information, techniques, ideas, so on and so forth. At some point, we all get so excited, we want to share what we know and what we have discovered to the world, and we expect people to take the leap like we did. There are many free spirits in the movement, attached to nothing, who at some point get desperate because some people they encounter are not ready to leave the 12:60 or technospheric frequency. In fact, we are often attacked by those who remain faithful to that frequency.

It is understandable, because it is part of the human nature to defend what is known and comfortable, even if it is destructing us. And it is OK if people decide to remain in that destructive mode, after all that is what freewill is all about. Yet, not everyone is ready to up and leave the work of a lifetime, a home, a house, their belongings or their family to go and live on an Ecovillage or do humanitarian work. But many are ready to begin a transition that will allow them to slowly integrate the new paradigm of Time is Art, and co-exist with the rest of the world that still lives under the premise of time is money.

This fact is what has inspired me to visualize a place where people can come and learn what the 13:20 frequency is all about, how they can slowly move into this new lifestyle, at their own pace, according to their personal needs. It will be a museum / research facility / artistic / educational / healing / ecologic space. It will function as a place where we will be able to show people how to come back to nature gradually, how to connect with their health, well-being, their art.

There are two very special museums in Mexico. One is called: Papalote, Museo del Niño (Papalote means Kite, comes from the nahua word Papalotl, that means "Butterfly"). The other is "Explora". They both are museums devoted to children and grown-ups to teach them about physics, anatomy, biology, communications, etc. What makes these museums so special is that they are designed to create a hands-in experience that help understand better many of nature's and our own processes.

The idea is to take this "hands-in" concept, and apply it to everything related to the Law of Time to help people understand better what it is all about, and how they can apply it to their everyday life.

There would be six main areas in the Centre: Artistic Area, Educational Spaces, Research and Development, Ecology/Permaculture, Healing, and 13:20.

In the Artistic Area, there will be a space reserved to have an auditorium with multimedia equipment, so that there could be plays, video screenings, concerts, etc. There will be as well a series of halls to make expositions of photography, painting, sculpture, and other forms of art.

In the Educational Spaces, there will be classrooms for all kinds of courses and workshops, from 13:20 to Yoga, Tai-Chi, English, Crafts, Massotherapy, Reiki, etc., all properly equipped for the intended purposes.

In the Research and Development Area, we will have a space for Noospheric Investigators to work on different fields to present tangible solutions to the technospheric crisis we are experiencing on different fields. There will be as well an educational and multimedia development team to create, edit and bring to fruition books, didactic materials, films, animated materials, musical recordings, every kind of conceivable material that will help spread the message, and understand it.

In the Ecology/Permaculture Area, we will work with the realization of the previous area on these fields. There will be a series of organic fields available for rent to visitors, with a variety of fruits and vegetables. There will be as well a mini-farm with some animals (ducks, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, maybe a donkey, horse or cow, depending on the space available). There will be a compost area, and others yet to be defined, related to clean energy (solar, maybe wind) and permaculture (recycling of materials as well). The purpose of the fields and mini-farm will be to bring awareness to people on how much care and love is taken in having a fruit or vegetable grow, and the humane treatment of animals, even though they might be destined for food. The permaculture part is to bring awareness on the importance of being conscious of our environmental impact as a race.

In the Healing Area there will be different alternative healing services offered: massage, reiki, acupuncture, osteopathy, aromatherapy, energy healing, etc. The centre will have guest healers come for some time to offer their services on the premises, and some might be able to stay as permanent staff if they wish to do so. We will also build a sweat-lodge to offer the service of Temazcal.

In the 13:20 Area, we will have development of natural stuff in an artistic way: food, clothes, incense, toys, etc. We will also have a store to sell whatever is produced in the Centre, a Cafeteria, a camping area with dry bathrooms and showers.

The place where the Noospheric Development Centre will be built is a piece of land of 19,000 square meters, in the community of La Llave in San Juan del Río. Synchronicity would have it that the Centre will be only a few hundred meters from the Hacienda where Malinalli, or better known as La Malinche, spent her last days.

This piece of land belongs to Alicia de la Portilla Vieyra, my mother, who has kindly offered me the land to bring forth this project. We have an arrangement where I will give her an annuity in exchange for the land.

This is the basic idea, it still needs some tweaking. In the coming months I will create an NGO to be able to receive donations be in species or money to build this Centre. I am going to knock on doors, and since there is no Museum or any place like this in the world, nor in the state where I live, I am sure that the local and federal government will be glad to invest on a project that will generate resources for the region.

I am open to feedback, and I sincerely hope that this "brief" introduction to this dream will help you understand what this project is about, and what brought it into my mind and heart.

If you or anyone else reading this introduction have any questions, or wish to participate, do not hesitate to contact me:

Sincerely yours,

Aida Seguin

Galactic Agent 222, Hun Ik.

Noospheric Sciences Unit Mexxicamelot
San Juan del Río, Querétaro