2012: Biography of a Time Traveler is the authorized biography of José Arguelles, the man who first introduced the date December 21, 2012 into the mass consciousness.

This book is not only an engaging journey through the inner and outer realms of this visionary, but it sheds light on the crisis our planet is undergoing today and offers clues about how we can realign with natural time to make a peaceful transition into the noosphere.

WorldShift 2012

Articles and Books

This page features articles, books and available information about the noosphere in general. If you have articles or books (not listed in Carlos Garcia's Bibliography oh the Noosphere) please get this information to

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Dedicated to the memory and the great legacy
of the genius of planetary scale - Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky.

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Articles and Books about the Noosphere

  • Excerpts from EC2012; Earth Council; Sovereignty; Ecovillages
    [The full document is available by emailing dreamtankgateway@gmail and asking for a copy

Double Alaskan Rainbow

  • Imagine Rainbow - www.rainbow-project.ch
    Imagine Rainbow is a superb and encyclopedic anthology and compilation of writings and art works celebrating the vision of the rainbow in all of its timeless and trans-historical glory. If the rainbow is the augur of the noosphere, then this cross-cultural mosaic should be read, studied and used as a creative springboard for the construction of the Earth as a work of art.

  • A Guide to The Rainbow Bridge

  • The Rainbow Bridge in Mythology

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