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22 July 2009, Bioregional
Noosphere Congress
Ceremony for the Noosphere Guidelines

Ceremony of the Noosphere, 22 July 2009

A full solar eclipse occured on July 22nd 2009, Kin 260, Yellow Cosmic Sun. On this day we organized a synchronized world wide coordination of the Ceremony for the Noosphere, emphasizing the purification and regeneration of the Earth.

If you would like to organize a synchronized noosphere congress event in your own bioregion share it on our network!

For general inquiries or information about the Noosphere Forum and how to participate further with articles, network links or related events, contact us

Who we are
First Noosphere World Forum
Event Coordination

Executive Coordinator
Jose Arguelles
Associate Coordinator
Stephanie South
Galactic Research Institute of the Foundation for the Law of Time

Executive Facilitation
Ashani Tansley, Australia
Administrative Assistant, Galactic Research Institute

Network Coordinator
Boris Petrovic

Web site Management and Thirteen Moon Calendar Coordination
Kelly Harding and Jacob Wyatt, Foundation for the Law of Time, Ashland Oregon